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iPhone 14 Pro Max [Hardened iOS]


Made for businesses, iPhone only users and those needing flawless Google apps functionality. Custom configured for a Minimalist appearance with zero distractions, all unnecessary notifications disabled and no bloatware; Our Hardened iPhone 14 Pro Max is your go to device for getting the job done with a much larger screen more powerful camera and improved performance.

If you need managed security policies for your team or run your business through Google workspace (formally G suite) we recommend using the Hardened iPhones.

Please note: The Hardened iPhones are not open source devices, they are designed by Apple running their proprietary (closed source) iOS. The software code is not accessible to the global community of developers for review and is therefore not open source.

SIM card not included; works internationally on all major CDMA & GSM networks. Check with your carrier before purchasing if you do not use one of the big four (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint).