Our Tier Structure

best encrypted phone trident

Tier One. GrapheneOS.

Minimalist. Private. Secure.

Our Top Tier fully encrypted phones are purpose-built for, yet not limited to business professionals dealing with sensitive information, journalists, lawyers, activists and high-profile individuals.

Preloaded with open source, Android based GrapheneOS with all google apps and services (GApps) removed by default, our Tier One best encrypted phones embody a trinity of essential features – Functional Minimalism through a simplified user interface with zero distractions, Full Privacy control with no tracking, zero bloatware and local Firewall and App sandboxing provide Hardened Data Security. Learn more about Android open source GrapheneOS.

Tier Two. CalyxOS.

Private. Secure.

Tier Two fully encrypted phones are designed for small to medium sized business professionals, entrepreneurs and Blockchain users.

Our recommended “daily driver” smartphones come preloaded with Private by design CalyxOS. Engineered by the Calyx Institute, this Secure open source operating system includes google apps and services (GApps) optional through microG.

If you need access to google apps and services including workspace (formally G suite), we recommend this tier. Learn more about Android open source CalyxOS.

Tier Three. LineageOS.


Tier Three Android based Smartphones are not fully encrypted phones and are recommended for Privacy conscious users on a budget and anyone outside of the first two tiers.

Utilizing open source LineageOS, with all google apps and services (GApps) removed our tier three phones provide you with the latest smartphone functionality without tracking your every move. Learn more about Android open source LineageOS.

*We have discontinued Tier Three as Tier One GrapheneOS and Tier Two CalyxOS devices are superior options with higher demand. Contact us for special order requests.

Hardened iPhone.


The Hardened iPhone is tailored for businesses, iPhone only users and those needing flawless Google apps functionality. If you need managed security policies for your team or run your business through Google workspace (formally G suite) we recommend using a Hardened iPhone. These are Encrypted phones by default.

We custom configure the iPhone to remove as much of the tracking features as possible from the proprietary (closed source) Apple iOS. We remove the bloatware, disable unnecessary notifications and configure the user interface for a Minimalist appearance with zero distractions.

Optional for Authorized Resellers; We provide enhanced Privacy and Security on the Hardened iPhone through Mobile Device Management (MDM) for a fixed monthly fee per device.

Some of the core functions of our MDM services on encrypted phones include:

  • Updating device applications and Privacy and Security policies in a scalable manner
  • Ensuring all device operating systems maintain a Minimalist appearance, reducing distractions
  • Ensuring that all devices are configured to a consistent standard
  • Ensuring that devices perform essential functions consistently
  • Being able to efficiently diagnose and troubleshoot equipment remotely
  • Over-the-air distribution of applications, data and configuration settings

Please note: These are encrypted phones, however they are not open source, they are designed by Apple running their proprietary (closed source) iOS. The software code is not accessible to the global community of developers for review and is therefore not open source. Learn more about privacy and security in iOS.